Predrag Dašić

Predrag Dašić is a professor of Production information systems (PIS), Web design, Reliability engineering and Advanced machining processes at High Technical Mechanical School of Professional Studies in Trstenik (Serbia). He defended a postgraduate thesis (candidate dissertation) at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1985. He was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Science by Donbas State Engineering Academy (DSEA) in Kramatorsk (Ukraine).

His research interests are:, production engineering, advanced machining processes, cutting tools, ceramic cutting tools, reliability, reliability analysis, statistical analysis, response surface methodology (RSM), design of experiments (DoE), programming, information systems (IS), bibliometric and citation analysis. 

Predrag Dašić is:

· member of the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET),

· member of the World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering (WARSE) ,

· member of the International Scientific Academy of Engineering and Technology (ISAET),

· member of the International Academy of Engineers (IA-E) ,

· Patron member of the New York Academy of Science (NYAS) ,

· foreign member of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences (UAES),

· member of the Ukrainian Technological Academy (UTA),

· member of the Serbian Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts (SRASA).


Also, he is a member of the following international and national associations: 

· American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

· International Neural Network Society (INNS)

· European Neural Network Society (ENNS)

· International Association for Statistic Computing 

· International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) 

· International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI)

· International Association of Engineers (IAEng),

· American Statistical Association (ASA)

· American Chemical Society (ACS)

· Association for Computing Machinery (ACM),

· European Association for Programming Languages and Systems (EAPLS)

· European Association of Software Science and Technology (EASST)

· Association for Maintenance Professionals (AMP)

· Danube Adria Association for Automation and Manufacturing (DAAAM) International

· Serbian Chemical Society (SCS) and etc. 

He was elected honorary general director of the International Biographical Centre (IBC) from Cambridge (England) in 2012. He was appointed as a member of Advisory Directorate International (ADI) of the American Biographical Institute (ABI) from Raleigh (North Carolina – USA) in 2008. 

He is the chairman of the organization committee for following international conferences: "Research and Development in Mechanical Industry" (RaDMI) and "Economics and Management-Based on New Technologies" (EMoNT). Further, he is a member of scientific and program committee of more than 30 international conferences. 
He is the editor and chief of following international journals: "Journal of Research and Development in Mechanical Industry" (JRaDMI) and "Journal of Economic and Management Based on New Technologies" (JEMoNT), published by SaTCIP Publisher Ltd. from Vrnjačka Banja (Serbia). Also, he is a member of the editorial boards of more than 15 international journals. Further, he is the guest editor of reference journal indexed in SCI-E: "Strojniški Vestnik / Journal of Mechanical Engineering", Vol. 55, No. 2 (February 2009), and the technical editor of journals: "IMK-14 Research and development" in 2005 and 2009 and "International Journal for Quality Research" in 2013. 

Predrag Dašić has published more than 520 scientific articles, of which 30 papers in reference journal indexed in SCI and SCI-E, 160 papers in journals, 50 invitation papers and 280 papers at international and national conferences. He has also published 2 scientific monographs, 5 books and is the editor of more than 35 conference proceedings in printed and 18 in electronic form. His dictionary "100.000 technical and ICT abbreviations and acronyms" is currently in the publishing phase. His papers are cited in 80 articles without self-citation in the WoS and Scopus citation databases, more than 450 citations in the Google Scholar (GS) and more than 120 citations are in the doctoral dissertations and masters’ theses. 

Also, the author has 3 patents and 2 technical improvements. He has developed 14 scientific software applications, for the application of theoretical and practical methods in solving practical engineering problems, which are successfully applied in practice and developed 2 Web presentations. 

He has received numerous awards and honors most notably: Awards for innovation and technical improvement in 1984 and 1985 from company IMK "14 October" in Kruševac, Award for scientific-technical improvements and innovations in municipality Kruševac for the year 1987, Golden medal with character of Nikola Tesla for best patent in 2011 and 2013 from Association of Inventors and Author of Technical Improvements of Belgrade and many more.